Engaging museum audiences - Nina Simon 

Thursday 26 November,2009, WellingtonNina Simon
Friday 27 November, 2009, Christchurch
Monday 14 December, 2009, Auckland

Nina Simon of Museum 2.0 presented a series of seminars in New Zealand called 'Engaging museum audiences' in 2009.

Nina spoke about finding meaningful ways to incorporate visitors’ voices into your institutional programmes. The talk examined techniques for:

  • Developing exhibit and programme components that invite visitors to participate during a museum visit
  • Helping visitors feel welcomed to the museum and providing them with experiences (tours, objects, exhibits, activities) that are customised to their particular interests
  • Identifying objects that promote conversation, and designing exhibitions that encourage people to have dialogue around the artefacts
  • Thinking about how each visitor's experience or stories can be accessed and used to make the exhibition more interesting to other visitors.

Nina's presentation 


Nina's Wellington presentaion

Audio from Nina's presentaion (MP3, 42.4MB)

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