Glossary of loan terms 

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Facilities report

A facilities report is a means of gathering information that will allow us to lend specific items. It is intended to help both borrowers and lenders identify potential problems and reach agreement on how they can be resolved.

Facilities report template

Te Papa Facilities Questionnaire 

Accepted facilities reports

Te Papa Facilities Questionnaire, RC-AAM Standard Facilities Report, UK Registrars Group Standard Facilities Report or a facilities report compiled by your organisation.

How to know if we have a current facilities report for your organisation

We have a current report for your organisation if:

  • You have borrowed from us in the past 5 years
  • Your building has not been modified since your last loan with us

You need to send us a new report if:

  • It’s your first time borrowing items from us
  • Your building was modified between your last loan and now
  • Your last loan was more than 5 years old


Iwi = tribal groups

Te Papa recognises the connections of taonga with their associated iwi. From time to time, a potential borrower may be encouraged to contact iwi associated with provenanced taonga to inform them of the loan request. The borrower will explain how they wish to use and interpret the taonga, and will seek their support. In some cases, Te Papa will complete this process.

Registration number

The registration number is the unique identifier of our collection objects.

If you are looking at an object page on our collections online website, you will find it in the details of the object.




Taonga = Māori cultural treasures