The History Collection is a rich and diverse store of some 25,000 items. There are over 7000 items of dress and textiles, the oldest of which dates back to the sixteenth century. An ‘international’ collection holds some 2000 items from Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Americas, including material collected by James Cook during his voyages.

Te Papa’s History Collection has changed and been shaped by many influences over time. The last twenty years of the twentieth century brought new priorities to collecting, shaped  by different intellectual and artistic concerns, a sharply evolving sense of cultural identity, and the policies of museology that have underpinned the development of Te Papa.

This new spirit has resulted in a more dynamic engagement with New Zealand’s history and social culture, and a shift away from the international. Most objects that are collected now have a strong link to New Zealand’s cultural heritage, including material that illustrates the cultures of origin of the New Zealand population.

Te Papa's history collection