Japan Series: Asahi Shimbun Composing Room, 1960s-1980s, Brake, Brian (1927–1988), Tokyo. Gift of Mr Raymond Wai-Man Lau, 2001. Te Papa

Our favourite games 

We can think of lots of fun things to do on a computer. Have a great time with these gigantic games!

Up the creek

Join Dion, Rick, and Ani on a trip up the creek to learn how fresh water supports life.
Haere i te taha o Dion rātou ko Rick, ko Ani mā runga awa kia mōhio ai koe he pëhea te tautoko a te wai māori i te koiora.

Antarctic Adventure

The youngest person ever to walk to the South Pole needs your help. Test your knowledge of icy Antarctica, and help your team out.

Avian Resurrection

Have an adventure in an alien environment! Build a bird and see if it has what it takes to survive.

Bug Blaster

It's a slimy shootout  as you attempt to pulverise some pests and win control of your garden!

Climbers and Creepers

Plant yourself in front of the computer and fill your brain full of information about all things green

Cotton Pickin' Bugs

A whole lot of evil weevil weirdos want to chow down on your cotton. play this game and stop them in their terrible tiny tracks!

Darwin's Footsteps

Go where one of the most important scientists in the world went, and see how much you know about life on Earth!

The Fish Olympics

See who's on fire underwater. There are prizes for  the best eater and swimmer, and you can win large!

Fun with Animal Materials

Did you know that people have been making art out of animal parts for years andf years? Play this game and find out more!

Our Global Garden

Different environments the world over do different things for different reasons. Play Our Global Garden and find out more!


Click together a circuit, and set science in motion. See how one thing leads to another as you get your ball from start to finish!

Science on the Subway

Save the planet from aliens and asteroids while you learn all about space. 

T-Rex: Predator or Scavenger?

Puzzle together the pieces and work out for yourself if T-Rex was a stone-cold killer, or if he was more likely to wait for someone else to do the hard work.


Use your mouse minions to sort through the throw-outs and decide if the things falling down are good to recycle, to regift, or are just outright rubbish.