The World's Fastest Indian 

Sir Anthony Hopkins on World's Fastest Indian set Image courtesy of World's Fastest Indian Holdings

In 1962, at the age of 63 when most people are slowing down, Burt Munro set off for the National Speed Trials at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, with the same bike he’d bought in 1920 - the first of nine record-attempting trips.

Bonneville is famous for its land-speed time trials, and Burt broke record after record. On that first trip, he topped the American Motorcycle Association record for a bike of 55cu inch displacement (883cc) with a speed of 178.971mph.

His 1967 speed of 183.586mph still stands today as the world speed record for under 1000cc motorbikes with a streamliner - the engine this time had been punched out to a 58.5cu inch displacement (953cc). An unofficial run at Bonneville in 1966 clocked 212mph.

See the bike in action from the film 'The World's Fastest Indian' starring Sir Anthony Hopkins.