Science Express - Storm in a Milk Bottle: A1 versus A2 Milk with Keith Woodford 

1 November 2007, 

Milk has been a staple of the Kiwi diet since the first cattle were introduced to this land. Generations were given it free every morning at school and even today campaigns tell us that drinking milk is a healthy option. Recently, however, research has been presented which calls into question everything we thought we knew about our milk. What are A1 and A2 milk? What are the differences and could one be harmful to our health? Keith Woodford from Lincoln University examines the research.

Keith has a background in farming systems, agribusiness, and international rural development. He has worked and consulted on rural development and education projects throughout the world. He has supervised masters and PhD theses on agricultural and agribusiness issues and is a regular commentator on agribusiness issues in the New Zealand media.

Storm in a Milk Bottle: A1 versus A2 Milk was recorded on 1 November 2007.

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