Science Express @ Te Papa: Challenging our ideas of healthy eating 

Thursday 4 November6.30pm–8pm
Level 4 Espresso
Free entry

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The study of nutrition has traditionally focused on the biochemical substances that constitute an adequate diet for humans and animals. In practice, this means reducing whole foods to their constituent nutrients to understand their biological functions. This approach to nutrition has resulted in advances in public health through understanding the causes of nutritional deficiencies. Yet, this classical ‘reductionist’ approach has failed to address the major nutritional issues of the 21st century. Why are the rates of obesity and diabetes continuing to rise, especially among New Zealand’s poorest people? Why have health promotion activities aimed at improving the nutritional status of New Zealanders failed so spectacularly?

This talk will present some provocative answers to these questions and challenge the way we understand health and nutrition.

Jennifer Utter from the School of Population Health, University of Auckland, discusses what we really need to know about food and nutrition for a healthier population in the 21st century.

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