Science Express @ Te Papa: Understanding Autism 

Thursday 3 March 20116.30pm–8pm
Level 4 Espresso
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Autism Spectrum Disorders include a range of life-long developmental disabilities affecting social and communication skills. People with ASD may also have learning disabilities, but whatever their general level of intelligence, everyone with the condition has difficulty making sense of the world.

Professor Jeff Sigafoos will answer common questions about ASD. For example, what is autism? How common is it? What causes it? And what treatments are available? He will also describe his current research, which aims to develop more effective ways of teaching communication skills to autistic children.

Jeff Sigafoos received a PhD in Educational Psychology from The University of Minnesota in 1990. Since then he has held academic appointments at The University of Queensland, University of Sydney, and the University of Texas at Austin. He is currently a Professor in the School of Educational Psychology at Victoria University of Wellington. 

Science Express is supported byGNS Science and the Royal Society of New Zealand, Wellington Branch.

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