Warhol Artist Workshop – Wayne Youle 

Sunday 14 July 2013,  11am-2pm
Recording Studio, Level 3 (take lift to Level 3 and follow signs)
Free entry

 Wayne Youle, When I grow up I wanna be black, date unknown, Polaroid photo. Courtesy of the artist
Youle, When I grow up I wanna be black, date unknown, Polaroid photo. Courtesy of the artist

Help contemporary artist Wayne Youle create I can’t promise you anything – a video work responding to Andy Warhol’s screen tests and MTV show.

I can’t promise you anything: Artist’s statement

 I can’t promise you anything is exactly that. I CAN’T promise you anything, but I invite you to be a part of a collaborative video work that may take on a life of its own. Fame seems fickle, fleeting – but oddly easy to achieve.  When I think of Warhol’s work, I think first and foremost about the idea of making the everyday item become something special, so special that it becomes … everyday again.

Portraits of ‘famous’ faces and Warhol’s quote about 15 minutes of fame are a perfect marriage to the images on the walls. Images of people that have enjoyed and are still enjoying their 15 minutes. Social media makes fame even easier these days. I am sure Warhol would never have thought it would be so easy to achieve the 15-minute goal.  I felt it was important in some way to make a work reflective of the ethos and aesthetics of Warhol: Immoral and I want to involve Te Papa’s visitors in a video work in response to two of Warhol’s video works – his screen tests (1964–66) and his MTV show Andy Warhol’s Fifteen Minutes (1985–87).

 Join me to help create this video work and enjoy your one minute of fame.

About Wayne Youle

Wayne Youle (Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Whakaeke, Pākehā) has been described as a provocative and playful artist whose work addresses issues of identity, race, and the commodification of cultural symbols. His practice ranges from painting and sculpture to photography, ceramics, and bronze casting.

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