Bug Lab – primary education visit
Te Aitanga-a-Pepeke – he toronga kura tuatahi

Through beauty, brains, and bio-inspiration, discover how bugs have inspired human innovations.

  • Learning areas and strands Science, Technology, English
  • Education type Education visit
  • Duration 60 minutes
  • Suitable for Years 3–8
  • Next available Term 1 – 2017
  • Cost $6.50 per student (teachers and parent helpers go free)
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The education programme

Guided by our educators, your primary school students will:

  • investigate the diversity of insects, and how animals like the orchid mantis use their appearance to survive
  • Discover how bugs are inspiring innovations in technology. For example, dragonflies have influenced micro air vehicles
  • discuss how humans can affect the survival of insects such as mosquitoes.

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To make a booking or discuss your visit options contact:
Education Coordinator
Email: reservations@tepapa.govt.nz
Phone: (04) 381 7443