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Stardome Outreach

We come to you! Experience the night sky in your school and learn how to spot constellations in Aotearoa's night sky.

In this programme our Te Papa educators bring an inflatable planetarium, plus some of our handling collection, to your school.

  • Education type Education visit
  • Duration 60 minutes per class
  • Suitable for Primary school students
  • Next available Available
  • Cost $300 for half day (max 4 classes) $450 for full day (max 8 classes) Contact us for other pricing options
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Each class spends one hour with our educators, your students will:

  • explore Te Papa’s handling collection – make connections between these physical items and the night sky
  • go into the Stardome and learn how to find constellations
  • learn about both western and Māori astronomy and the stories told in the night sky
  • discover planets, galaxies, and other objects that can be seen from earth
  • learn how early navigators used the stars to help navigate the Pacific Ocean.

An educator gives a presentation to children in the stardome


An educator gives a presentation to children in the stardome, 2016. Photograph by Michael Hall. Te Papa

Frequently asked questions

How big is the Stardome?

The dome is 3.4m tall and requires a floor space of 7x7 metres.

How many children can fit in the Stardome?

We can cater for one class at a time in the Stardome.

How do we get into the Stardome?

There is an inflatable door that you squeeze through. We will help the children in!

Can we wear shoes in the Stardome?


How long does a Stardome session last?

A typical session will include 30mins in the Stardome and 30minutes outside the dome interacting with our handling objects.

What do we do in the Stardome?

You will be seated on the floor, the educator will bring the lights down and you will observe a projection of the night sky on the ceiling.

How dark is it inside the Stardome?

The Stardome is illuminated by a projector. So while it is dark in there, you can still see from one side of the space to the other.

How do we get out of the Stardome in an emergency?

The educator can quickly lift up the side of the Stardome and let everybody out in a matter of seconds.

What does my school need to provide to host a Stardome visit?

An indoor space big enough to fit the Stardome that has power and a space for the part of the session outside the Stardome.

Is the Stardome wheelchair accessible?



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