What is Hīnātore | Learning Lab?
He aha a Hīnātore | Papa Ako?

Hīnātore, Te Papa’s Learning Lab is for school groups and the public. We offer learning sessions that combine cutting-edge technology with Te Papa’s collections and taonga.

Introducing Hīnātore, Te Papa’s Learning Lab – new, innovative, and transformative!

A child holds up a robot with pens as legs


Making Art Bots, 2017. Te Papa

Hīnātore is where people of all ages can create, innovate, and collaborate. Where flashes of inspiration connect and ignite communities.

We combine cutting-edge digital technologies with Te Papa’s collections and taonga to empower lifelong learning.

Our dynamic, hands-on learning sessions for school groups and the public are designed to build maker mindsets.

New technologies

Hīnātore explores news ways of learning using transformative technologies, including:

  • a purpose-built virtual reality (VR) studio where learners create, collaborate and play
  • telepresence technology that connects learners in remote locations and builds learning communities
  • the latest educational technologies for learners to collaborate, create, and share, including touch tables, smartphones, and tablets
  • a range of 3-D scanners and printers to support learners to make and invent.

Children playing on a PC


Designing toys, 2017. Te Papa

A granddaughter plays the guitar while her grandfather films with a go pro


Recording a 360° video of musical performance, 2016. Photograph by Kate Whitley. Te Papa


Hīnātore sessions are cross-disciplinary (STEAM) and support learners’ development across the 21st Century core competencies: creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Hīnātore extends and deepens engagement with our exhibitions and collections. Where learners of all ages can learn together in a flexible and fun learning commons.

Our name: Hīnātore | Learning Lab

Hīnātore is Māori for phosphorescence or luminescence – a glow or glimmering in the dark.

It symbolises the awakenings of understanding; the shimmering first lights of inspiration that mark the beginning of a learning journey. Hīnātore | Learning Lab will help illuminate paths towards creativity, collaboration, and innovation.  

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