Follow the Sun: Women and Political Participation – Case studies in Sāmoa, Morocco, and Malaysia

Women from academic, NGO, political, and community spheres in Malaysia, Sāmoa, and Morocco discuss their understanding of barriers to political participation by Indigenous women and what is being done to overcome them.

Te Papa Researcher: Dr Safua Akeli Amaama

Partners: Dr Kaya Davies Hayon (Lincoln University, UK), Assistant Professor Fadma Ait Mous (University Hassan II, Casablanca), Professor Stephanie Hemelryk Donald (Monash University, Malaysia), Associate Professor Yeoh Seng Guan (Monash University, Malaysia), Associate Professor Sharon A Bong (Monash University, Malaysia), Sheril A Bustman (Fat Bidin Media, Malaysia), Dr Ramona Boodoosingh (National University of Samoa, Sāmoa), and Professor Malama Meleisea (National University of Samoa, Sāmoa).

Funding: Seed funding from the British Academy of Humanities.

Project description: This project investigates Indigenous women’s ability to participate in politics in Morocco, Sāmoa and Malaysia.

A comparative analysis can develop understanding of barriers to indigenous women’s political participation and of the role of the state and local government in shaping women’s role in society.

More information can be found at The Justice Arts and Migration Network

Primary outputs: Roundtable discussion (March 2021), policy report and an advocacy film.

A light-brown coloured book with pen drawing on the cover on a white background


O le Tusi FAALUPEGA o Samoa, 1981, Sāmoa, by Malua Printing Press, T Faletoese. Gift of Safua Akeli, 2010. Te Papa (FE012543)