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Use this form to book a private tour. These tours have a minimum cost, equivalent to the cost for seven adults.

If you are an individual or smaller group and don't mind being with other people then we suggest taking a daily scheduled tour (instant booking confirmation).

Tour costs are in New Zealand dollars and include all taxes and fees – there are no additional charges. All tours depend on the availability of suitable staff.

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    Costs valid until 31 March 2016
    Child (5 - 15 years) and under 5's free
  3. All tours are subject to availability and confirmation at the time of booking.

    Please note: a minimum charge applies to bookings for fewer than 7 people
    (equivalent to the price of 7 adults).

  4. Child = aged 15 or under

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  3. Tours must be completed within Te Papa's opening hours, unless they are associated with a function at the Museum. Te Papa is open every day of the year from 10am to 6pm.

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  2. Tours in languages other than English depend on the availability of suitable Hosts.

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