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Gifting – Te Papa Foundation

Gifting – Te Papa Foundation

Your gift to the Foundation marks the beginning of a special partnership with Te Papa. 

Te Papa’s ambitions and obligations as the national museum are diverse, exciting but financially challenging.

Detail of stained glass


Detail of Te Marae doors, which represent Ranginui, 2010. Photograph by Kate Whitley, © Te Papa

How you can help

A really simple and effective interactive way of supporting Te Papa is through the Foundation & Friends package. This costs $250 a year. Of this $200 will be the donation to the Foundation, the balance will pay for annual membership of the Friends of Te Papa organisation, made up of people who love Te Papa and want to be part of its ongoing success. The Friends provide communications about Te Papa’s activities and invitations to special events.

The higher gifting levels range from $7500 (paid over three years) to become a Foundation Stone Partner through to $5 million (paid over five years) to join the Patron Circle. There is also the option of the donor nominating the value of the gift.

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People viewing Pacific artifacts


Pacific Store Tour. Photograph by Michael Hall, © Te Papa

Tax deductible

Donations by New Zealand tax residents are likely to qualify for tax deduction.  An individual can claim a tax credit for income tax purposes for cash donations of $5 or more made to the Te Papa Foundation. The overall maximum tax credit allowable is a sum equal to a third of the aggregate of all donations made by the individual, up to the annual taxable income.

How to donate

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Contact us

To talk to us about how you would like to support the Foundation:


Ph:       04 381 7198