Te Papa kids’ trail

Go exploring and have fun finding some of Te Papa’s most treasure taonga.

The Colossal Squid

Mountains to Sea, Level 2

Visitors look at the colossal squid


Visitors in the colossal squid exhibition, 2016. Photograph by Michael Hall. Te Papa

Descend deep into the dark, cold Southern Ocean and check out the mysterious world of the colossal squid.

It has eyes the size of soccer balls and awesome, rotating tentacle hooks! This is the only colossal squid specimen on display in the world.

Captain Cooker pig

Mountains to Sea, Level 2

Boar in a case


Boar, 2017. Photograph by Rachael Hockridge. Te Papa

Can you find the wild pig in Mountains to Sea? Keep an ear out – you might hear him before you see him...

There are lots of wild pigs in much of our lowland bush. They enjoy tawa and hinau berries, roots of bracken and supplejack, crunchy meals of large snails, and squishy ones of earthworms.

Earthquake House

Awesome Forces, Level 2

Earthquake House, Awesome Forces, 2015. Photograph by Kate Whitley. Te Papa


Earthquake House, Awesome Forces, 2015. Photograph by Kate Whitley. Te Papa

Feel the earth move under your feet and see how seismic shifts created New Zealand’s landscapes.

This one shows the awesome might of nature, but you might want a friend’s hand to hold.

Journey to a new land

Tangata o le Moana, Level 4

Installation shot of the pepper's ghost projection of Journey to a new land featuring a vaka and people


Journey to a new land, 2017. Te Papa

About 800 years ago, people from the eastern Pacific bravely sailed from their island homes to settle a new land thousands of kilometres away – Aotearoa New Zealand.

These people were the ancestors of Māori.

See what this epic journey might have been like for voyagers all those years ago using the 100-year-old Pepper's ghost technique to bring the story to life.

Bush City

Outside Levels 1 and 2

Family in Bush City, 2015. Photograph by Michael Hall. Te Papa


Bush City, 2015. Photograph by Michael Hall. Te Papa

Take a short walk through some of the natural wonders of New Zealand, from native bush to volcanic landscape. Here you can cross a swing-bridge, enter a glow-worm cave, climb a lava flow, dig for fossils, and simply relax in the fresh air.

There's even a scavenger hunt – print out the map below!

If it's raining (or you’re simply not done with exploring), head to:

Art Wall

Level 4, near Espresso

A group of people listen to a person talk while standing in front of an art work being projected onto a wall


Art Wall in action, 2017. Photograph by Daniel Crichton-Rouse. Te Papa

Choose from over 600 art works from Te Papa’s collection to ‘hang’ on our wall.

Your choices will be projected onto the large hoardings for everyone to see.

What will you choose?


Print out this kids’ trail for some drawing fun!