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Level 1 Cafe menu

Food and beverages currently available in the Level 1 Cafe.


Free range eggs
Eggs your way on sourdough (GFO)
Ham and cheese omelette
Eggs Benedict
Choice of ham, bacon, or grilled courgette and mushroom (VO)
Keto breakfast
Poached eggs, steamed broccoli, streaky bacon, and vine tomato (GF)
Full English
Eggs, bacon, sausage, sautéed mushroom, vine tomato, baked beans, slice ciabatta bread, and hash brown (GFO)
French toast
With streaky bacon, banana, and maple syrup


Soup of the day
(GFO) (V)
Ribeye steak
Served with fries, salad, and béarnaise sauce (GF)
Chicken parmesan
With fries, salad and tomato salsa
Beef burger
Served in brioche milk bun, aioli, beetroot relish, lettuce, cheese, tomato, fries, and homemade tomato sauce
(V) (VGN) (GFO) all dietaries on request
Smashed avo on potato hash
With poached eggs, dukkha, and tomato salsa (GF)
Beef nachos
With sour cream, guacamole, tomato salsa and grated cheese
(VO) (VGN) (GFO) all dietaries on request
Beer-battered fish and chips
Served with salad and jalapeno remoulade (GFO)
Seafood chowder
Creamy leek and pea risotto
(GF) (V)
Creamy chicken and mushroom fettuccine
Served with steam broccoli and roasted pine nuts
Pie of the day
Served with chips and side salad
(available with no sides) 



Streaky bacon 6.00
Island Bay sausages 6.00
Sautéed mushrooms 5.00
Hash browns 6.00
Baked beans 4.00
Vine tomatoes 6.00
Bread (2 slices with spread) 6.00
Eggs 6.00
Grilled chicken 8.50
Bowl of hot chips Reg 4.50
Lrg 8.00

(V) Vegetarian (VO) Vegetarian option available (VGN) vegan (GF) gluten free (GFO) gluten free on request. Please make our staff aware of any allergies.

Coffee & Tea

Flat white 4.50
Latte 4.50
Cappuccino 4.50
Mochaccino 4.50
Short black 4.00
Long black 4.00
Americano 4.00
Hot chocolate 4.50
Chai latte 4.50
Lemon, honey, and ginger 5.00
Hot blackcurrant 5.00
Fluffy 2.50
Extras: large, oat, coconut, syrups, extra shot, and decaf 1.00 each
English breakfast tea 4.50
Earl grey tea 4.50
Peppermint tea 4.50
Green tea 4.50
Kawakawa tea 4.50
Red Star tea 4.50

Iced Drinks

Iced chocolate 8.00
Iced coffee 8.00
Iced mocha 8.00
Served with ice-cream and topped with cream
Iced latte 6.00
Iced tea – Red Star 6.00
Kid’s iced chocolate 4.50

Chilled Drinks

Coke, Coke no sugar, or L&P 5.00
Macs ginger beer
Mandarin, lime and bitters
Feijoa, pear and elderflower
Karma cola range 5.90
Kombucha 6.50
Juice by the glass
orange or apple
200ml 3.50
330ml 5.50
Simply Squeezed berry smoothie 5.50
Sparkling water 5.00
Pump still water 400ml 4.00
750ml 5.00


Please ask staff for our selection of wines – all served by 150 ml glass

House white 9.50
House red 9.50

Beer and Cider

Cider 9.00
Lager 9.50
Craft beer 12.00
Amstel light 7.50

Kid’s menu

Bacon and egg on toast  (*V on request) 10.00
Waffles with maple syrup and whipped cream 10.00
Toast with peanut butter or chocolate spread 6.50
Fish and chips 10.00
Kid's cheeseburger with fries  (*V on request) 10.00
Mac and cheese 9.50
Make it a meal + $5.50: 200ml apple or orange juice and sweet to follow