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Catering menu: morning and afternoon tea

Minimum of 20 persons, $9.50pp

Includes freshly brewed coffee and tea, plus one item from the selection below.

Additional items are an extra $3.50pp.

If you need to cater for 100+ people we recommend at least 2 items for your break. Please note that afternoon tea cannot be served past 5.30pm.

Sweet items

  • Variety of homemade cookies (V)
  • Assortment of Danish pastries (V)
  • Chocolate lamingtons (V)
  • Plain and fruit scones with jam and butter (V)
  • Selection of biscotti (V)
  • Chocolate profiteroles with cream (V)
  • Carrot cupcake with light cream cheese icing (V)
  • Apple turnover (V)
  • Chocolate chip muffin (V)
  • Banana cupcake with chocolate icing (V)
  • Chocolate brownie (V)
  • Pikelets with condiments (V)
  • Almond Bee Sting Cake (V)
  • Cardinal slice (V)
  • Chestnut slice (V)

Carrot cake with cream cheese icing


Carrot cake with cream cheese icing

Savoury items

  • Sausage roll with tomato chutney
  • Pastry pocket topped with basil pesto, fresh mozzarella cheese, and vine-ripened tomato (V)
  • Assortment of club sandwiches
  • Bacon and egg savoury
  • Smoked chicken and Swiss cheese croissant
  • Smoked chicken savoury
  • Cold smoked salmon and cream cheese doughnut
  • Pulled BBQ pork in buttermilk bap
  • Steak and cheese savoury

Lots of sandwiches


Monday lunch: Assorted club sandwiches

For an additional $0.50 per person you can choose from the lists below:

Gluten free

  • Open sandwich with lettuce, cucumber and egg spread (GF) (V)
  • Kapiti double chocolate ice cream (GF) (V)
  • Berry friands (GF) (V)
  • Gluten free orange and poppy seed cake (GF) (V)
  • Roast zucchini and mushroom frittata (GF) (V)
  • Three cheese frittata (GF) (V)

Healthy choice

  • Berry and yoghurt smoothie (GF) (V)
  • Bran and apricot muffin (V)
  • Homemade muesli bars
  • Quinoa and chocolate muffins (GF) (V)
  • Apricot, honey, sunflower & amaranth smoothie (GF) (V)
  • Homemade yoghurt with strawberries, pomegranate and quinoa (GF) (V)


* Prices are per person and are exclusive of GST. Selections and prices are subject to availability and list changes.

Dairy Free – DF

Gluten Free – GF

Vegetarian – V

Vegan – VG