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Coffee cart hire

Hire fee

There's a set fee of $195 plus GST to hire a coffee cart, and $4 plus GST for every coffee consumed.

You need a minimum of two staff to man the coffee cart. Staff cost $28 per hour per staff member required plus GST.

Staff are charged from half an hour before the first coffee service starts until half an hour after the last coffee service per day.

Coffee being poured


Barista coffee, 2020. Te Papa

Further information

  • A minimum of 60 hot beverages will be charged for.
  • Approximately 50 coffees can be made on one machine with two staff in thirty minutes.
  • Coffee carts can be hired for up to 8 hours; Minimum hire is for 4 hours.
  • Food must also be acquired when hiring coffee machine.
  • We recommend hiring two coffee machines for functions over 200 people.
  • Prices are exclusive of GST. Selections and prices are subject to availability and list changes.