Parking terms and conditions
Ngā ritenga tauranga waka

  • You must follow any directions you are given, either personally or on signs, notices, or road markings.
  • You must pay the charge we set for parking on our property.
  • At your expense, we may tow, clamp, or move your vehicle if it is parked in breach of these conditions. This includes being parked on or over a yellow line, or in a manner which obstructs any other vehicle or access way.
  • If after 30 days you have not paid the costs of removing and storing your vehicle, we may sell it and its contents to pay those costs.
  • The longest you may park your vehicle in the car park is 24 hours, unless you have made earlier arrangements with us. If you leave your vehicle for longer than 24 hours, we may tow it at your cost.
  • If your vehicle has been clamped or towed away, on payment of the penalty fee, we will release it to any person who produces a car park ticket issued by us, or some other evidence of ownership that is satisfactory to us.
  • Your vehicle must have a current warrant of fitness and motor vehicle registration. It must be roadworthy and not present a danger to other vehicles, persons, or property.
  • You park at your own risk. We are not liable for any injury to you or any other person or for loss or damage to property.
  • You are liable for any damage to the car park caused by your vehicle.
  • You must indemnify us against any claim or loss we suffer as a result of your use of our property or that of any person you are responsible for.

Definitions in these conditions

  • Cost – includes any fees or charges that we incur or that are charged by us, including GST.
  • Damage – includes direct, indirect, consequential, and special demands.
  • Vehicle – means any motor vehicle (including accessories and contents) of the kind permitted in the car park, as described in the conditions.
  • We, our, and us – means the Museum New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa Board and includes its employees, agents, and independent contractors.
  • You – means the driver of a vehicle entering this car park.