Centre your wairua (spirit): Oro Atua music performance and rongoā tī (herbal tea)

Centre your wairua

  wairuaspiritMāori | Noun
for the year. Enjoy the spiritual sounds of taonga pūoro

  taonga pūoroMāori musical instrumentsMāori | Noun
by Jerome Kavanagh and special blends of rongoā tī. Immerse yourself in an evening of hauora hauorawellbeingMāori | Noun.

  • When | Āhea Fri 9 Jul 2021, 6.00pm–7.30pm
  • Where | Ki hea
    Icon, Level 2
  • Cost | Te utu Free event, however registrations are essential
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Be our guest for a special evening of hauora hauorawellbeingMāori | Noun or specifically maintaining good hauora.

Taking a holistic approach to rongoā rongoāMāori healing practicesMāori | Noun we are collaborating with Rongoā Collective of the A.R.T. Confederation and musician Jerome Kavanagh to serve up a spiritual tantalising offering.

On arrival, be greeted and shown to a table laden with a variety of Rongoā Tī. Each table will have its own kaitiaki

  kaitiakiguardianMāori | Noun
, a specialist in Māori healing practices.

Listen to kōrero

  kōrerodiscussionMāori | Noun
and receive mātauranga

  mātaurangaknowledgeMāori | Noun
on a variety of plant-based rongoā and their significant healing properties.

During the evening, take in a performance of Oro Atua, a fully immersive taonga pūoro

  taonga pūoroMāori musical instrumentsMāori | Noun
performance piece that will uplift your wairua

  wairuaspiritMāori | Noun
, leaving you relaxed and de-stressed. Creating a safe space, whether you come by yourself or with whānau

  whānaufamilyMāori | Noun
and friends, don’t miss out on this unique experience.

Artist profile:
Jerome Kavangh presents Oro Atua Taonga Pūoro – traditional Māori musical instruments reflect the sound of our natural environment from the mountains, rivers, land to the sea. Our ancestors used these instruments in days gone by as tools to heal and promote a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Taonga pūoro holds the vibration of the natural world and when this vibration played resonates within us and helps to reconnect to the intelligence and power of nature.

Experience Jerome’s collection of around 40 unique and rare Māori musical instruments include the nguru, a whale's tooth nose flute, the pōrutu pounamu, a greenstone long flute, the kōauau toroa, an albatross wing bone flute, and a unique pūtōrino, a cocoon-shaped trumpet flute made from the mighty tōtara tree.

These beautiful sounds allow for a journey into self, by creating a safe and nurturing space. In a fast-paced busy world, Oro Atua gives us an opportunity for reflection and self-healing through vibrational power of nature’s sound.

small cups of tea sitting on a wooden tray next to some seaweed


Kaihaukai Art Collective, 2020. Photo by Jo Moore. Te Papa (150650)