Children’s Theatre: Mata and the Mysterious Musical Maunga

Come on a musical adventure in Aotearoa as Mata climbs a mysterious mountain to find an ancient flute. For tamariki aged 7–14.

  • When Sat 17 Jun 2017, 10:30–11:15am
  • Where
    Te Marae, Level 4
  • Cost Free event

Aue! Ten-year-old Mata has lost his iPad and must learn to play a real instrument. He sets off to find a special kōauaukōauau mouth flute on a musical maunga. To succeed, he’s got to sing the best waiatawaiata song ever – with a little help from characters he meets on the way.

Jamie McCaskill blends storytelling and joyous music in the premiere of this whānau-friendly production.

Jamie McCaskill is a one man talented band; he’s an exceptionally gifted storyteller …


A man stage on stage telling a story


Mata and the Mysterious Musical Maunga, 2017. Te Papa