For Asterié: performed by Inano Dance

Join Inano Dance as they explore the story of two lovers, separated by sea and tempted by others, in this performance inspired by the painting Asterié.  

  • When | Āhea Sun 17 Jan 2021, 11.30am–11.45am
  • Where | Ki hea
    Toi Art Galleries, Level 4
  • Cost | Te utu Free entry

For Asterié is a performance ode to the heartache of Asterié as she longs for her merchant husband who is away at sea. As the lovers yearn for each other, they are tempted by other suiters determined to catch their hearts and come between them. Will Asterié prove virtuous or not?

For Asterié is developed and choreographed by Cook Islands Māori artist and Inano Dance Creative Director, Te Hau Winitana, in response to the 1904 painting Asterié by Edward Poynter. 

Performed by Inano Dance dancers: Te Hau Winitana, Samoana Nokise, Tesa Maea, Wahia Tamau.

Asterié is on show in Tahi │One work in Toi Art as part of Te Papa’s summer festival, Wana Ake.

Four people in white clothing standing with their arms in the air


Inano Dance, performance at the Dowse Art Museum, 2018. Photo provided by Te Hau Winitana