Japanese Martial Arts Weapons Display

Don’t miss this thrilling demonstration of Japanese martial-arts techniques. Featuring kendō (samurai sword arts), iaidō (the quick drawing of the sword), and the power of the bō staff.

  • When Sat 19 Nov 2016, 12:45–1:30pm
  • Where
    Wellington Foyer
  • Cost Free

Japan’s martial arts weapons and culture have been refined over hundreds of years. Today, practising martial arts is a way to cultivate the body, mind, and spirit – often referred to as ‘budō’.

Te Papa hosts an exciting display that demonstrates:

  • the samurai sword arts of kendō (the way of the sword)
  • iaidō (the quick drawing of the sword)
  • the unique whirl of the naginata (the Japanese halberd – combined spear and battleaxe)
  • the power of the bō staff.