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Laters: Nature’s Going Away Party (R18)

Laters: Nature’s Going Away Party (R18)

We're sending our natural history exhibition off in style with a huge going away party. There’ll be a silent disco, DJ, curator talks, food, drinks, and generally a whole lot of natural fun. This is the museum late of the year – don't miss it.

Want to bring your kids to say goodbye? Come to the Family Farewell Day on Apr 2.

  • When Fri 23 Mar 2018, 7.00pm–11.00pm
  • Where
    Bush City, Mountains to Sea, Awesome Forces, and NatureSpace
  • Cost Free event, R18 only

Map for the Laters party
Silent Disco 7.30–8.30pm
DJ Leilani Sio and Jamie Berry will mix up some silent disco nature beats, followed by a general dance around Bush City.
DJ 9.45–11pm DJ Leilani Sio and Jamie Berry carry the beats into the night.
DNA Drinks 7.30–10.45pm (workshops at various times) Wellington startup Fishhook will demonstrate how to extract DNA from fruit using alcohol to make a cocktail. Sip on your cocktail while learning about DNA, evolution, and genetics.
Nature Faces  7–10pm Professional face painters transform you into your animal self.
Science Demos 7.30–10pm

A bug's nose: How insects sense a stench. Join Entomologist Julia Kasper to explore a different world of odours - not for delicate stomachs!

From the mantle to the crater: GNS scientists explain what geologists do behind closed doors. 

Nature Craft Workshops

7.15–10.45pm (workshops at various times)

Sustainability Trust demonstrates how to make your own natural skincare products and create a tiny Tern skull with award-winning WoW artist Fifi Colston. 

Nan and Tuna – Puppetry with Anna Bailey 7.30–8.15pm

A puppet show about eels, rivers, and friendship. Nan and Tuna have been friends for 70 years and now it's time for one last adventure together. But before they leave they need to find someone to care for the river.

Cosmodome 7.30–8pm
Te Papa educators Scott Ogilvie and Martin Langdon take visitors on a starry-eyed journey in the museum Cosmodome.
Curatorial Talks


Phil Sirvid: A bug’s guide to mating success, 7.30–8pm

Heidi Meudt: Ten reasons why forget-me-nots are AWESOME, 8.15–8.45pm

Leon Perrie: Joining the dots – creating a new natural environment gallery, 9–9.30pm

Lara: From moa poo to seabird tongues to African cloaks –  DNA discoveries from Te Papa's collections, 9.45–10.15pm

Tours with a Twist




Experience an enchanting excursion through Te Papa’s titanic taxidermy, tremendous trees, and tumultuous terra-firma with Wellington’s most famous B-grade celebrity, Mr. Chris Lam Sam. 

Incursion: Weeds in your backyard 8–8.45pm A walk and talk tour of Incursion - currently installed in Bush City with artist Shaun Matthews and WCC Environment Partnership Leader, Tim Park. 
VR Fantasy Forests 7–9pm Immerse yourself in a virtual reality forest and help make it grow beneath your toes.