Latin America & Spain Film Festival: The Story of Me

  • When Sat 28 Oct 2017, 4:00–6:00pm
  • Where
    Soundings Theatre, Level 2
  • Cost Free entry

The Story of Me is based on the real story of Brazilian storyteller Roberto Carlos Ramos, who at the age of six was committed by his mother to an institution for poor children in the city of Belo Horizonte.

Roberto moves on by using his vivid imagination, but at 13 he’s still illiterate.

After escaping more than 100 times he is considered as irredeemable.

An encounter with Margherit, a French pedagogue, will put Roberto’s disbelief in his future in check and will challenge Margherit about her own beliefs.

It's a story about the power of love and affection to alter reality.

2009, Brazil, Portuguese with English subtitles, 110 minutes

Rated: R13 (Restricted to persons 13 Years and over. NOTE: Violence, offensive language, and content that may disturb)