Royal New Zealand Ballet Presents ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’

Come into the woods for the Royal New Zealand Ballet’s playful new interpretation of the classic tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

  • When | Āhea Wed 15 Jul 2020, 3.15pm–3.45pm
    Thu 16 Jul 2020, 11.00am–11.30am
    Thu 16 Jul 2020, 12.00pm–12.30pm
    Fri 17 Jul 2020, 11.00am–11.30am
    Fri 17 Jul 2020, 12.00pm–12.30pm
  • Where | Ki hea
    Soundings Theatre, Level 2
  • Cost | Te utu Free event

All the family will enjoy the familiar tale of bears, chairs, mystery and mischief in the perfect introduction to storytelling in dance.

Relaxed performance

On Wed 15 Jul, we’re running a relaxed performance designed specifically for visitors with autism, sensory sensitivities, or living with disability.

Read more about the relaxed performance

Two ballet dancers, one dresses as a bear, the other in a yellow dress


RNZB dancers Caroline Wiley and Jamie Delmonte, 2020. photo by Ross Brown courtesy of RNZB