Stroma Performance: Cage Against the Machine

Choose your own programme, or see where your ear takes you, as Stroma musicians perform works by renowned composers throughout the galleries, mingled with ambient sonic works. 

  • When | Āhea Thu 23 Mar 2023, 7.00pm–9.30pm
  • Where | Ki hea
    Toi Art, Levels 4 and 5
  • Cost | Te utu Tickets on sale 2023
A bright pink image with a black and white man's face with lots of eyes added in lots of places and the words 'Cage against the machine' in the middle of his face.


Image courtesy of Stroma

This is no ordinary concert – you’ll choose your own adventure by exploring the beautiful spaces of Toi Art (Levels 4 and 5) while Stroma plays multiple, simultaneous performances of ambient, spatial music throughout the evening.

Spread over two and a half hours, you can come and go as you please. Have a drink at the bar, then wander around the spaces to experience the sound events.

Follow the schedule, or see where your ear takes you. If you position yourself right, you might even hear two or three pieces at the same time. If you miss a piece the first time, you can catch it again later in the evening.

Stroma will be performing experimental works by renowned composers, as well as a selection of works by New Zealand composers. Low-level ambient sonic art by Wellington-based artists will be also performed, mingling with the acoustic sounds of Stroma.

This event will feature a curated set of works, including compositions by John Cage, James Tenney, Pauline Oliveros, Giacinto Scelsi, Alvin Lucier, Tom Johnson, Ruth Crawford Seeger, Eve De Castro-Robinson, Rachael Morgan, and Michael Norris, performed in multiple spaces simultaneously over the course of two and a half hours.

A more detailed programme will be released in 2023.

This concert is supported by Te Papa, Creative New Zealand, Lilburn Trust, Stout Trust and the Wellington City Council.