Talk and Film: Māori Culture in Virtual Reality

Hear how tech company Matariki NZ is using immersive digital technologies to capture the stories of kaumātua (elders) – helping to connect rangatahi (youth) with their cultural identity and restore Aotearoa’s ecosystem.

  • When Sun 19 Mar 2017, 3:30–5:00pm
  • Where
    Hīnātore │ Learning Lab, Level 4
  • Cost $15
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Experience the first film in the series – Kaitiakitanga Kevin Prime – and meet filmmakers Garry Watson and Hana Bougen.

About Matariki NZ

Matariki NZ is a mixed-tech Māori business that uses advanced digital technology to capture and articulate mātauranga Māorimātauranga Māori traditional knowledge.

The company shares this knowledge across age, gender, and cultural divides to build bicultural understanding, encourage cultural resilience, and engage rangitahi Māorirangitahi Māori Māori youth. Spreading this knowledge may also help efforts to restore the biodiversity of Aotearoa’s natural environment.