Talk: Introducing Surrealism!

Dive into the world of the surrealists. An introduction to the ideas, people and art behind the movement with Curator Modern Art, Lizzie Bisley.

  • When | Āhea Sat 19 Jun 2021, 2.00pm–3.00pm
  • Where | Ki hea
    Te Marae, Level 4
  • Cost | Te utu Free event

Surrealism is not a style of art – it’s a way a thinking and looking at the world.

Surrealism was launched in 1924, in the wake of the First World War. Artists, writers, poets, musicians, and filmmakers gathered in Paris, wanting to disrupt the status quo and open up a new, expanded reality. Surrealist ideas quickly spread around Europe and the world.

Join Curator Modern Art Lizzie Bisley for an introduction to surrealism, and the dada movement that preceded it.

Follow up the talk with a visit to our new exhibition Surrealist Art | He Toi Pohewa

This event does not include entry to Surrealist Art | He Toi Pohewa.

A woman in a grey cardigan standing in an Art storage unit and smiling off into the distance


Curator Modern Art Lizzie Bisley, 2019. Photo by Daniel Crichton-Rouse. Te Papa (145681)