Te Papa Talks: Virtual Realities – Friday Night Event

Hear from leading innovators, experience live demos, and meet VR creators. No matter what your interests are, chances are that immersive technology is about to transform the way you explore and create.

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  • When Fri 17 Mar 2017, 6:30–11:00pm
  • Where
    Soundings Theatre, Level 2
  • Cost $25 (includes goodie bag)
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Te Papa Talks: Virtual Realities

From art to education, filmmaking to architecture, virtual and augmented reality are changing the way you explore what matters to you.

In this special evening of events, Te Papa and Victoria University of Wellington connect you with a new world of creative and collaborative potential.


Soundings Theatre, Level 2

Sit down, relax, and hear from leading innovators in immersive technologies.


Dr Leon Gurevitch – Victoria University of Wellington

Leon Gurevitch will be our M.C. for the evening. Leon is Associate Professor and Deputy Head of the School of Design at Victoria University. Leon’s various research interests include games, visual effects and VR/AR.

About the speakers

Lynette Wallworth


Lynette Wallworth, undated. Photograph courtesy of Lynette Wallworth.

Lynette Wallworth – The Power of Immersive Storytelling

Lynette Wallworth is an acclaimed Australian artist and filmmaker. She was named by Foreign Policy magazine as one of 2016’s “100 Leading Global Thinkers", whose installations and films reflect connections between people and the natural world. Her work uses immersive environments, interactive technologies, and narrative long-form film to engage viewers.

Mike Jones


Mike Jones, undated. Photograph courtesy of Mike Jones

Mike Jones – Writing for Virtual Reality

Mike Jones is a writer, script editor, and creative producer working across screen, page, and interactive media. He was co-creator of the virtual reality detective-thriller VR Noir: A Day Before the Night with Sydney-based company Start VR. He is also a lead writer of the upcoming speculative fiction VR drama Awake: First Contact.

Lynette Wallworth and Mike Jones were brought to New Zealand as part of the New Zealand Film Commission’s GPS 2026 project.



Sutu, undated. Photograph courtesy Sutu.

Sutu – Art in the Age of Immersive Technologies

From interactive augmented reality (AR) comics to immersive virtual reality (VR) story experiences, Sutu (Stuart Campbell) discusses creating art and telling stories in the age of AR and VR. Sutu is an Australian author, illustrator, and interactive designer. His Tilt Brush paintings have been commissioned by the likes of Google and Marvel, and he is currently developing a VR documentary using Tilt Brush.

Kat Lintott


Kat Lintott, undated. Photograph courtesy of Kat Lintott

Kat Lintott – The VR content environment

Kat is a co-founder of Wrestler a Creative Video Agency and previously worked at 8i as their Chief Communications Officer. Kat's goal is to work with the New Zealand VR/AR/MR community to make sure that we are producing content on a global scale for a global audience. Kat is making and encouraging content that is adding to society, giving viewers who are coming out of these experiences the feeling of empowerment to be part of the real world too. Her particular interest is in creating content for the pre-teen audiences with strong female, non gender specific and culturally diverse characters.

Live Demos

Espresso and Hīnātore │ Learning Lab, Level 4

Join us after the talks and experience a variety of virtual and augmented reality demos. This is your chance to explore immersive technologies firsthand, and meet the creators and other VR enthusiasts.


Mixed Reality Hackathon

Take part in New Zealand’s first-ever mixed reality hackathon! 48 hours of learning and creating – starting mid afternoon on Friday.

Please note: This event is held at ProjectR (not at Te Papa).

Find out more at the Mixed Reality Hackathon website