Te Papa Talks: Virtual Realities – Saturday Workshops

Get started with virtual reality, paint with Tilt Brush, and experience leading VR projects from Victoria University.

  • When Sat 18 Mar 2017, 9:00am–5:00pm
  • Where
    Hīnātore, Level 4 and Treaty of Waitangi exhibition, Level 4
  • Cost Varies

Virtual Reality Content Creation – Workshop with Mark Billinghurst

When: 9.00am–12 noon
Where: Hīnātore | Learning Lab, Level 4
Cost: $20
Book now – limited to 20 places

Discover what you need to know to get started in the exciting world of virtual reality (VR). Bring your own smartphone and learn how to create VR experiences – no programming skills are needed. Each attendee gets to collaborate in a team and share their creations during this hands-on workshop. Attendees receive all the software needed to continue building VR applications once they leave the workshop.

About Mark Billinghurst

Mark Billinghurst was one of the founders of HIT Lab NZ and is now the professor of virtual and mixed reality at the University of South Australia. He is one of the leading VRAR researchers globally and is developing new ways to seamlessly blend the real and digital worlds and enable people to connect and collaborate together.

Mark Billinghurst’s profile on the University of South Australia webpage

Discover Tilt Brush with Sutu

When: 2.00–5.00pm
Where: Hīnātore │ Learning Lab, Level 4
Cost: $20
Book now – limited to 20 places

An introduction to using Google’s Tilt Brush and telling stories in virtual reality with Sutu – Australian comic-book artist extraordinaire.

Sutu discusses some of his best practices for creating an immersive, interactive storytelling experience in virtual reality (VR) – including VR painting techniques, VR user-experience ideas, and VR cinematography. Get hands-on, create your own VR content.

About Sutu

Sutu is an Australian author, illustrator, and interactive designer. His Tilt Brush paintings have been commissioned by the likes of Google and Marvel, and he is currently developing a VR documentary using Tilt Brush.

Visit Sutu’s website

Victoria University Virtual Reality Demos – Free Event

When: 11am–1.00pm & 2.00–4.00pm
Where: Treaty of Waitangi exhibition, Level 4
Free entry

Check out leading VR projects from Victoria University of Wellington, and meet the creators.


Mixed Reality Hackathon

Take part in New Zealand’s first-ever mixed reality hackathon! 48 hours of learning and creating.

Please note: This event is held at ProjectR (not at Te Papa).

Find out more at the Mixed Reality Hackathon website