Two poets: An ode to Asterié

Join poets Chris Tse and Claudia Jardine for a reading of poems about longing and desire, including their own interpretations of the original ode that inspired the painting Asterié.

  • When | Āhea Sun 31 Jan 2021, 2.00pm–2.30pm
  • Where | Ki hea
    Toi Art, Level 4
  • Cost | Te utu Free event

Edward Poynter's painting Asterié is inspired by an ode by the Roman lyric poet Horace. Both the ode and the painting carry messages about love, lust, and fidelity, as Asterié, at home in Rome and awaiting her husband’s return, is pursued by her handsome neighbour. The big question is ‘Will she or won’t she?’

Poets Chris Tse and Claudia Jardine will present a reading of poems that speak to the painting's themes, including their own interpretation and translation of Horace's ode. They'll speak about the challenges and freedoms in recontextualising the ode and Asterié for a contemporary audience.

Visitors to Tahi | One work have been invited to write their own poetic responses to Asterié. Chris and Claudia will also read a selection of their favourite responses.

A man in a colourful jacket sitting in front of a mirror


Chris Tse. Photo courtesy of the author.

A woman in a red shirt standing in front of a bookcase


Claudia Jardine. Photo courtesy of the author.