National Services Te Paerangi

Who we are 

Our mission

National Services Te Paerangi's mission is to strengthen the museum sector by providing practical and strategic help to museums, galleries and iwi throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our goal is for museums and iwi to be significantly strengthened by increased participation in our programmes and by working collaboratively at a local and national level.

Staff contacts

National Services Te Paerangi has a core staff of seven. We are based in an office at Te Papa, and our three Development Officers travel around New Zealand assisting museums and iwi and feeding back to the team. Gavin is based in Fielding, Sally is based in Gisborne, and Judith is based in Nelson.

Victoria Esson, Manager National Services Te Paerangi

Victoria EssonVictoria, Manager National Services Te Paerangi, has worked in the museum sector for over 15 years. She has extensive experience and networks particularly within museum education.
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Phone: 04 381 7293   Email:  


Mark Ormsby, Manager Iwi Development

Mark OrmsbyMark will be looking at strategies to reduce barriers to iwi participation in the sector, as well as improving communications between iwi and museums.
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Phone: 04 381 7471   Email: 

Gavin Reedy, Iwi Development Officer

Gavin Reedy

Gavin's main role is to provide face-to-face support to iwi and museums and increase communication and understanding between them.
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Phone: 029 6010 440   Email:


Judith Taylor, Museum Development Officer

Judith TaylorJudith is based in Nelson and spends time visiting and giving face-to-face support to museums in the South Island.
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Phone: 029 601 0410   Email: 


Sally August, Museum Development Officer

Sally AugustSally is a Gisborne girl who has been working in the Museum field for over 7 years. Sally provides support to museums in the North Island.
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Phone: 029 601 0370   Email:


Tamara Patten, Communications Officer

Tamara PatternTamara is a Museum Studies graduate who has been working in the museum sector since 2008. Tamara looks after internal and external communications for the team.
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Phone: 04 381 7114   Email:


Emma Philpott, Sector Training Coordinator

Emma PhilpottEmma is an experienced Training Coordinator who is enthusiastic about supporting New Zealand's culture and heritage sector.
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Phone: 04 381 7246   Email:


Ian Wards, Museum Development Officer

Ian WardsIan will be working with National Services Te Paerangi as Museum Development Officer –  Special Projects until June 2014.
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Phone: 04 381 7459  Email:


Solema To'a, Administration Officer

Solema ToaSolema is part time as Administration Officer for National Services Te Paerangi until June 2014. In the past Solema has worked as a National Services Te Paerangi intern.
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Phone: 04 381 7224  Email:


Kylie Ngaropo, Manager Iwi Development

Kylie Ngaropo

Kylie Ngaropo is on parental leave until mid-2014. Queries for Kylie should be directed to Mark Ormsby.
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Past interns

Matariki Williams, Intern

Matariki is a Museum and Heritage Studies student from Victoria University of Wellington, who completed a placement with National Services Te Paerangi.
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Christen McAlpine, Intern

Christen is a Massey University graduate, who worked with National Services Te Paerangi under the Museum Graduate Internship Programme.
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Milly Mitchell-Anyon, Intern

Milly Mitchell-AnyonMilly is a graduate of Massey University's Museum Studies programme, and completed a project under the Museum Graduate Internship Programme.
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Susana Woo, Intern

Susana WooSusana is a Museum Studies student from the University of Sydney, in association with Hong Kong University. Susana worked with National Services Te Paerangi for 4 weeks, gaining museum work experience.
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