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Māori fundraising poster World War II

Poster, 'Taringa Whakarongo!'
Poster, 'Taringa Whakarongo!' 1941, N.Z. National Savings Committee, Wellington. Purchased 2006. Te Papa

This poster encouraged Maori to save and fundraise for World War II as part of New Zealand's National Savings movement. The poster was aimed specifically at Maori-speaking communities.

The government financed the war through taxes, internal loans, and savings schemes. Its frequent fundraising campaigns appealed to people's patriotism. No one escaped the call to give money – Maori, women, and older men were all carefully targeted.

Maori War Effort Organisation

The Maori War Effort Organisation administered Maori fundraising, recruitment, food production, and 'manpowering' on the home front. It gave Maori the opportunity to contribute to the war according to their own practices and values.


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