Exhibition developmentTe whanaketanga whakaatunga

Planning and materials

These guides, from National Services Te Paerangi, show you how to design and develop exciting museum exhibitions using Kiwi ingenuity and modest, sometimes minuscule, budgets.

Exhibitions at Your Place – He Rauemi Resource Guide (2.00 MB)

Exhibition Display Techniques – He Rauemi Resource Guide (2.22 MB)

How to write an exhibition proposal (includes budget template) (324.11 KB)

Mount-making materials and resources (626.07 KB)

Exhibition process flowchart (225.12 KB)

Creating a small exhibition – AMaGA Victoria

Pick up tips on making a small, affordable exhibition from this video by Australian Museums and Galleries Association Victoria (AMaGA Victoria).

Interpretation tools

Find out how to write engaging museum labels for your visitors in the following guides from National Services Te Paerangi. The guides include tips for understanding your audience and for writing and designing successful labels.

Know Your Visitors – He Rauemi Resource Guide (1.83 MB)

Writing Effective Interpretive Text – He Rauemi Resource Guide (885.63 KB)

Writing an exhibition label brief – sample format (54.27 KB)

Tips for making effective labels (945.06 KB)

Learn more about immersive technology for museums in this resource from Digital Pathways (UK)

An introduction to immersive technolody for museums – Digital Pathways

Discover some of the emerging technologies in audio-visual display and cost-effective solutions.

AV Museum Displays (4.63 MB)