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© Copyright Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. PO Box 467, Wellington, New Zealand.

Unless otherwise specifically stated, none of the content of this website may be reproduced, copied, used, communicated to the public, or transmitted without the express written permission of Te Papa, except for the purposes of private study, research, criticism, review, or education, as provided for in New Zealand’s Copyright Act 1994.

Images of taonga Māori (Māori cultural treasures)

Images of taonga are of significant cultural importance to iwi. Te Papa requests that these images and associated information be used only for research, study, personal, and educational purposes.

Images of collection items

Where the rights statements permit Te Papa has made available for download high resolution images of collection items. Some images are openly available and have no restrictions on reuse. Others are licensed with Creative Commons Attribution – Non-Commercial – No Derivatives licence.

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Request permission

For written permission to reproduce information on this website for any purpose other than personal use, please contact the author in the first instance. Contact Te Papa if there is no clear author and you would like to use the content for purposes other than ‘fair dealing’ as stated in the Copyright Act 1994.

Copyright Act 1994

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Give credit

When information from the Te Papa website is used in any context, it must be sourced to the website, and the date of publication on the website must be stated.

For example, using the Chicago citation, the credit for using information found on the Collections Online home page is ‘“Collections Online Home Page.” Te Papa Collections Online. 2004. Accessed December 18, 2015.’.

Help us locate copyright owners

Every effort has been made to locate the copyright owners of material used on this website. In cases where this has not been possible, copyright owners are invited to contact Te Papa.

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Images of you

This website includes images of Te Papa’s public events taken by Te Papa photographers. If you appear in any such image, you did not give permission for your image to be used, and you object to that image appearing online, please contact us.

See Privacy for more information

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The Te Papa logo

Te Papa’s logo is protected by trademark registration and copyright. The Te Papa logo must not be placed on an external website, or otherwise used by any external party, without the express approval of Te Papa.

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Terms of use

Links to external websites

Hypertext links from this website to other web locations are provided for visitors’ convenience and do not constitute endorsement or authorisation by Te Papa.

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Community guidelines

Te Papa often engages with the community on social media by sharing taonga, kōrero, and pānui. We encourage contributions and any pātai to these pages but reserve the right to remove posts that violate our community guidelines. Please keep all comments and posts relevant and respectful.

Te Papa reserves the right to:

  • determine what constitutes inappropriate content

  • edit or entirely remove inappropriate content

  • ban users from its social media communities.

We may delete or hide posts which contain:

  • racist, sexist, homophobic, or other forms of hate-speech

  • disruptive behaviour such as deliberate repeated comments

  • potentially defamatory statements

  • confidential information, including contact details and personal information of others

  • misinformation

  • spam or advertising

  • offensive language, abuse, or threats

  • nudity, pornography, or child abuse

  • content that is illegal, gives instructions for illegal activity, or advocates illegal activities.

The goal of these guidelines is to provide guidance on how Te Papa moderates public comments, allowing for freedom of expression, discussion, and debate, while protecting individuals and communities, and working within New Zealand law. The guidelines acknowledge people have different opinions of various subjects, and that Te Papa is a safe place for these opinions.

Comments on our pages are monitored during regular business hours. Moderation decisions are taken seriously, and often made in a team setting. In some circumstances, decisions may also be made in consultation with Te Papa’s iwi partners or other communities.

If you have seen any comments that you feel breach these guidelines, please let us know through General enquiries.