Tākina Events

In 2022, Te Papa Venues embarked on a new venture, Tākina Events.

Tākina Events is the culmination of our local team, who you know well, and the addition of an internationally appealing space. We have the experience of working with you to deliver world-class events, but our portfolio now includes Tākina, Wellington’s new Convention and Exhibition Centre, in addition to the spaces at Te Papa.

This addition allows us to offer increased capacity, stunning architectural design, and a five-star environmentally certified building. Our menus champion local produce, and we are continually working hard on our industry relations to ensure we are fostering young talent and contributing to the sustainability of Wellington’s culinary scene.

We are also working closely with local iwi to ensure biculturalism is at the heart of Tākina Events, drawing on expertise at Te Papa to honour our connection to Aotearoa.

Tākina means to invoke, summon, to connect, to bring forth. It draws inspiration from the defining feature of Wellington, the winds, and centres us in the capital city while making it clear this is a place we want to share.

If you’re interested in booking a conference or event at Tākina Wellington Convention and Exhibition Centre or Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, email enquiries@takinaevents.co.nz or call us on +64 4 381 7272.