Legal complianceNgā here a te ture

Information on common legal issues for museums and galleries.


What taxes do non-profit organisations and charities have to pay? See the Inland Revenue (IR) website.

Taxes for non-profit organisations and charities at IR

Intellectual property

What are intellectual property rights? Find out at the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) website.

Intellectual property at MBIE


Copyright for museums and galleries

What is protected by copyright? When do you need permission to use copyright material? How do you find the copyright owner? This guide, from National Services Te Paerangi, introduces you to some things to bear in mind when working in a complex field.

Copyright and Museums – He Rauemi Resource Guide (4.71 MB)

Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand

‘Share, remix, reuse – legally’ – this website explains how Creative Commons licences help people share their copyright works for reuse by others.

Tohatoha Aotearoa Commons

Protected Objects Act

What restrictions are there on the sale and export of protected New Zealand objects? See the Ministry for Culture and Heritage (MCH) website.

Protected Objects Act at MCH

Health and Safety

What are your obligations and responsibilities in managing health and safety in your workplace?

Health & Safety at Work Act – Quick reference guide


How can you improve your museum’s security, and remain friendly and open towards visitors? This resource from National Services Te Paerangi outlines the tools, tips, and guidelines needed to make good decisions about security.

Museum security – He Rauemi Resource Guide (5.59 MB)