Gifting an object to Te PapaTe takoha taonga ki Te Papa

Find out how to donate or bequest an object.

All proposed gifts must go through an approval process – we cannot accept all items offered to us, although we appreciate the generosity of potential donors.

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Offer an object to Te Papa

To offer an object or taonga to Te Papa, please make an appointment with a curator.

We cannot accept objects brought to Te Papa without an appointment.

Contact us through the enquiry form

Phone: (04) 381 7000

Making a financial donation?

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What happens to approved gifts?

Any item accepted into the Te Papa Collection is entitled to the highest standards of professional care in conservation, storage, and security.

  • Change of ownership – the gift is made, in law, part of the museum’s collection.

  • Donor consultation – we take account of cultural sensitivities and determine appropriate ways to handle and store or display the gift.

  • Documentation and conservation – the gift is recorded in detail by a collection manager and, if necessary, conserved to protect it from deterioration.

  • Storage or display – the gift is allocated secure and appropriate storage, or placed on display.
    Very few items in the museum’s collections are on permanent display. We can only show a small proportion of our collections at a time, in keeping with our exhibition programme. Also, for conservation reasons, some items can only be displayed for short periods.