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Stay in the loop with the wide range of happenings at Te Papa. There’s something for everyone – from active Wellingtonians and museum lovers, to art fans, teachers, museum professionals, iwi, and more.

What’s On at Te Papa

Frequency: Monthly, plus occasional announcements

Be the first to know about upcoming events, exciting new exhibitions, and special offers at Te Papa.

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ECE visit to Tory Street, 2015. ©Te Papa


ECE visit to Tory Street, 2015. ©Te Papa

Te Papa Learning

Frequency: 2–3 per term

Hear about our new education programmes, resources, and exhibitions, plus opportunities for teacher previews and professional development.

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Painting of White Terraces, Tarawera


White Terraces, 1882, Auckland, by Charles Blomfield. Gift of Sir Guy Berry, South Africa, 1960. Te Papa (1960-0003-2)

Arts Te Papa: Off the Wall

Frequency: Quarterly

Get a regular dose of lively, in-depth arts commentary from a diverse range of New Zealand artists and writers.

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Te Papa Press

Frequency: Quarterly

Find out the latest about books published by Te Papa Press.

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National Services Te Paerangi

Frequency: Quarterly, with monthly updates

Keep up with the latest news and opportunities from National Services Te Paerangi (NSTP), and across the museum sector – including professional development opportunities, events, and workshops.

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Te Auahi Turoa


Te Auahi Turoa

Te Auahi Tūroa

Hear about our Iwi Relations Team’s work with iwiiwi tribes and kaupapakaupapa principal Māori activities. This e-pānuie-pānui e-newsletter is a place to gain and share knowledge.

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Friends of Te Papa: Open Eyes

Frequency: Regular

For the vibrant Friends of Te Papa community. Hear about the latest news and events, discounts, exhibition previews, and more.

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The Ultimate Venue

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