New Collections Online launches

It’s hugely exciting to announce that our new Collections site launches today.

The new site is a complete replacement of the previous Collections site. It’s built using modern, sustainable technology which will allow us to keep building and developing the site in the months and years to come.

Collections Online homepage screenshot

“Te Papa’s new Collections site allows access to nearly 800,000 artworks, objects and specimens in Te Papa’s collections, and the stories they tell,” said Fiona Moorhead, Collections Information System Manager. “It’s a vital first point of contact for people in Aotearoa, or around the world, wanting to find out more about Te Papa’s important collections.”

“The new site is a complete replacement of an earlier Collections site, built in 2009, and offers improved access for searching and browsing through the collection.

“We’re particularly excited to offer a fast and immersive image zoom, which allows you to get closer to Te Papa’s collections than has been possible before.”

Explore the new Collections Online here.

For a full run-down on the new Collections site, read our introduction blog.