Two new art books published by Te Papa Press

Two books that work as a ‘taster' for our new art galleries opening next year hit book store shelves next week.

The New Zealand Art Activity Book is jam-packed with art activities based squarely on our collection. Containing over 50 works, from the historical to the contemporary, its lively, engaging text delivers a gentle art history and art appreciation lesson to its main audience – children – that will also be appreciated by parents, whānau, and teachers.

The New Zealand Art Activity Book front cover

It is written by art educator Helen Lloyd, formerly of Te Papa but now at City Gallery Wellington, and draws on the expert support and advice of Senior Curator Art, Sarah Farrar.

Ten x Ten: Art at Te Papa, edited by Athol McCredie, draws on the expertise of the full art team: Charlotte Davy, Athol McCredie, Sarah Farrar, Mark Stocker, Justine Olsen, Lissa Mitchell, Nina Tonga, Megan Tamati-Quenell, Chelsea Nicholls, and Rebecca Rice.

Ten x Ten: Art at Te Papa

In a departure from the often somewhat solemn approach of books that survey art museum collections, these ten curators each pick ten of their favourite artworks from their portfolios and write about them in a relaxed, personal, highly informative, and accessible way. The 100 works selected are a representation of the depth and breadth of the collection and they are a hat-tip to its range.

“The Press is so grateful for all the time and energy the art team invested in this book,” said publisher Nicola Legat. “To be asked to work on it when they were all so busy with the renewal process was a major request and they all responded enthusiastically. The outcome is a very special book.”

Ten x Ten: Art at Te Papa is the first in a series of books about the collections scheduled for the next three years. Next will be Natural History and then History, Māori, and Pacific. They are designed to be enticing glimpses into the collections, and the story of the people behind the collecting and the objects themselves.

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