You can now eat our Colossal Squid thanks to Giapo Ice Cream

People express their love for Te Papa in many ways, and we think in edible form is up there with the best.

Giapo Ice Cream in Auckland has just released this incredible creation, inspired by our world famous Colossal Squid.

Giapo's colossal squid ice cream. Photograph courtesy of Giapo Ice Cream

Chef and Patron Giapo Grazioli says that the discovery of the first colossal squid in 2007 had always stuck with him.

After a visit to Te Papa to see the squid with his five- and seven-year-old tamariki two years ago, he set about creating this delicious and surreal masterpiece for the 10th anniversary of the discovery.

The creative chef says seeing the colossal squid at Te Papa was a terrific experience that reminded me what an incredible world we live.

The whole body was created using 3D printing technology and the tentacles and fins are hollow rather than solid – to avoid death by chocolate!

If you're in Auckland you can grab your own tasty Colossal Squid ice cream from Giapo's Gore St shop.

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