Te Papa begins consultation on its proposed vision and strategy for the future

21 July 2011

Te Papa is committed to developing a long term strategy, which will build on the past and guide the museum through the next ten years. As part of this process, Te Papa is now seeking feedback from external stakeholders on its proposed vision and strategic plan.

“Our aspiration is that Te Papa will change hearts, change minds and change lives,“ says Mike Houlihan, Chief Executive at Te Papa.

Michelle Hippolite, Kaihautū at Te Papa adds, “Te Papa’s role is to act as a forum to help people think about our place in Aotearoa New Zealand and the changing world, to help them form their ideas and to have an impact. To be able to respond to the rapidly changing world, we must change what we do and the way we do things.

“The museum’s proposed vision and strategy looks at our activities from different perspectives, right down to the fundamentals of why Te Papa is here and who it is here for, what Te Papa does that is so special, how we need to develop and invest, and what we must achieve for the future. It is an iterative process involving Te Papa staff and stakeholder consultation to test ideas and gain valuable insights.”

Te Papa aims to finalise its vision and strategic plan by October 2011.

For further information on the proposed vision and strategic plan and to provide feedback, visit tepapa.govt.nz/vision.


Media contact

Tina Norris, Vision Development
021 225 7538 or 04 381 7233

Roxan Mathys, Manager Communications (Acting)
029 645 6370 or 04 381 7083