Coolest little capital’s Top 40 Museum

30 March 2012

One of the world’s most popular arts publications has ranked Te Papa in its top 40 museums, above institutions like New York’s Guggenheim and the Getty Centre in Los Angeles.

The Art Newspaper, based in London, has just released its annual rankings of the world’s art museums. Te Papa’s 1.3 million visitors has earned it the 33rd highest visited in the world, and the highest ranked facility in Australasia. Exhibitions such as European Masters, Art from the Stadel Museum, E Tu Ake: Standing Strong and Brian Brake: Lens on the World attracted visitors from around the country and contributed to this success.

“This ranking cements Te Papa’s reputation as a key drawcard for domestic and international visitors to Wellington City”, says Te Papa chief executive Michael Houlihan.

“Ironically, if the recommendation made by Wellington City councillors to cut $1.25 million dollars from their sponsorship investment for Te Papa is approved in June, this will have dramatic effects on Te Papa’s ability to deliver high profile exhibitions that create international recognition like this for itself and the city.”

Te Papa Chief Executive Michael Houlihan continued “We will be providing submissions to councillors that demonstrate the economic impact Te Papa delivers to Wellington, and the wide support we have from the business community.”

Top five worldwide

  • The Louvre, Paris – 8,880,000

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York – 6,004,254

  • British Museum, London – 5,848,534

  • National Gallery, London – 5,253,216

  • Tate Modern, London – 4,802,287