The journey of tino rangatiratanga heads to Mexico

30 March 2012

Following a successful season on display in Paris, Te Papa is proud to announce the opening of the hugely successful E Tū Ake: Standing Strong at the Museo Nacional de las Culturas in Mexico City on March 31 under the title of Orgullo Māori: E Tū Ake.

Tino rangatiratanga (the ability to choose one’s own destiny) lies at the heart of E Tū Ake: Standing Strong – an exhibition in which customary Māori treasures from Aotearoa New Zealand stand alongside contemporary works. E Tū Ake reflects the artistic depth and political aspirations of the vibrant indigenous culture of Aotearoa.

“Te Papa is proud to see this exhibition shared with the vibrant peoples of Latin America. Orgullo Māori: E Tū Ake has been made possible thanks to the working relationship that Te Papa has formed with the Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia,” says Te Papa Kaihautū (Maori co-leader) Michelle Hippolite.

The exhibition is a catalyst for understanding how indigenous culture evolves in changing times and an opportunity to share our experience with people of Mexico.

“Our partnership means that in the next year Te Papa will host an exhibition sponsored by the Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia about the people of South America. An exhibition from Mexico will be presented at Te Papa in the coming future.”