Te Papa launches Save our Services campaign

5 April 2012

As Wellington City Council asks city ratepayers for their feedback on their long-term council plan, Te Papa is asking its Wellington visitors to speak up and help us save our funding.

The council’s long-term plan proposes cutting its Te Papa funding by 55% (or $1,250,000) per year for the next decade. This money goes towards the museum’s world class exhibition programme, community programmes and facilities like Discovery Centres, PlaNet Pasifika, and Story Place.

Sponsorship funds are made up of 30 percent ratepayer contribution and 70 percent from the Downtown Levy, paid by city businesses.

“Because Wellington businesses make up the lions-share of our funding, we will need to focus our efforts on continuing to support them through our programme and services. This means any funding cut will directly affect the programmes and facilities we provide that Wellington ratepayers enjoy”, says Te Papa chief executive Michael Houlihan.

He continues “obviously, we don’t want to alienate our local communities, we are proud that Wellington city people enjoy our facilities. The only way we are going to retain these services is if our community tells Wellington City council that these are services that are worth saving”.

Wellington city ratepayers can help Save our Services by visiting this Easter, showing your support on our Stick up for Te Papa and Save our Services board in the main foyer, and by filling in comments forms which we will pass onto council.

Log onto tepapa.govt.nz and head to our “Yellow and Black” Save our Services Page for up to date info and links to the Council feedback pages when they go live.