Tips for downloading on Collections Online

How to download images

If an image has a copyright license that is not restricted, you are free to download it.

If you are planning on reusing the image, use the “Buy or License” button instead.

Start by clicking the “Download Image” button as below:

You will then be presented with a pop up.

First you’ll see the copyright status of the image you want to download. This will let you know what you can and can’t do with the image.

You’ll also be given the full attribution for reference purposes. Click “Copy Credit” to copy the attribution to your computer’s clipboard.

We’d love to hear what you’re using our images for, so please fill out the survey. It’ll only take a second or two!

You can then download the image by clicking “Download JPEG” under the image’s thumbnail. Occasionally a record will have multiple images. You’ll have to download these individually.

Downloading a PDF

Sometimes a collection item will be available as a PDF. This will be available to download from a button as below.

The PDFs can be quite large, so be careful when downloading using mobile data.

Click the button to download the PDF.

When to use the “Buy or License” button

Use the “Buy or License” button if you’re planning on reusing the image. For example, in a publication, television show, film, or on a website.

If you only want the image for personal use, feel free to use the “Download Image” button instead.

More information is available on our Media sales and licensing page.