Watch: Designing wedding garments for ‘Unveiled: 200 Years of Wedding Fashion’

Over the summer of 2011–2012, Te Papa hosted Unveiled: 200 Years of Wedding Fashion from the Victoria & Albert Museum, London

For the exhibition, Te Papa commissioned wedding ensembles by New Zealand designers. As designers of men’s and women’s wear, fashion house WORLD were invited to design both a bride and groom’s outfit.

Lindah Lepou

Lindah Lepou, a designer of Samoan ancestry, dedicated to making one-off spectacular garments, tells us how her wedding dress for Te Papa is inspired by her ancestry, especially her great-grandmother, Fa’agase.

Benny Castles

Designer Benny Castles talks about the challenges of designing a groom’s outfit that won’t be overshadowed by the bride’s.

Francis Hooper

Francis Hooper, co-founder of WORLD, talks about the challenge of designing for Te Papa, WORLD’s design process, and a wedding commission from New York. He also offers some advice to design students.

Jane Yeh

Jane Yeh, New Zealand’s designer to the stars, gives us a glimpse into her Auckland workroom. She describes how she designs beautiful gowns for brides on their big day.

Denise L’Estrange-Corbet

Denise L’Estrange-Corbet, co-founder of WORLD, talks about keeping manufacturing in New Zealand, collaborating with artist Reuben Paterson, the beauty of Honiton lace, and the pleasures of a traditional wedding.

Francis Hooper, Denise L’Estrange-Corbet, and Benny Castles of WORLD discuss their inspiration for the outfits that appear in Unveiled. Plus, we peek backstage as the dress is prepared for its debut at New Zealand Fashion Week, 2011.